End of the Year Testing

The end of the year tests are approaching.  How well do you think the standardized test measure your abilities?

30 thoughts on “End of the Year Testing

  1. I think yes and no because what if i fail. Also if i get no sleep i will fail. What if i read it wrong . What if i make a mistake and fail 5 th grade.

  2. Yes, because I think it would because it has questions from 4th and 5th which has complicated math,science,reading, and social studies. which will test your knowledge and writing skill.

  3. It is good because it shows how we have listened. It also shows how well the teacher has taught us. Also it shows how standardized we are. The abilities of us in the classroom are also shown. This test shall be good.

  4. I think it measures my abilities by sometimes they give harder problems to see if you know them. Also they give easy ones that you know.Another reason why it measures my abilities it throws more harder things at you so you can get ready for the next year. Those are my reasons why I think yes it testes you.

  5. I think that the test is a great way to show what we have learned. It show what we have learned because it has different questions on the past and current grades. I also think that the test is also not a great way to measure our abilities ,because in the future we might me be so smart and not so smart in the past years. The test is a bad thing and a good thing. Send me your comments on what you think about the test.

  6. I think it is not so good of an idea to have a end of the test because it doesn’t test all your abilities. It doesn’t test athleticism, self-control, etc. The test can’t tell your future or what you are going to when you grow up. Even if they want to have a test at the end of the year, you need to test all skills. That is why I think it is not such a good idea to have a end of the year test.

  7. I don’t think the test interferes with my abilities. The reason I think this is because I don’t just do math, science, reading, and other. I am more than just someone that does school work.

  8. No because I only do good on certain stuff. It is not about work ethic. For example I dont understand science very well but im really good at math.

  9. No, no i do not think it tests abilities well. This is because it only test what you have mentally learned. And you have more abilities that can be tested then that. It just tests one of many many abilities you have.

  10. I believe that the end of the year tests are a great way to find out what you know and what you don’t. Also they are a great way to test some of the abilities you know. One example is that the tests have you answer questions from other grades, like when you were in 4th grade, or 3rd.Also that tests your ability on how well you remember and how well you listen.

  11. I think the end-of-the-year testing is important because it determines how well you will do in middle or high school.

  12. I think the end of the year testing is important. I think this because it helps you review what you’ve done through the years. I also think so because it gets you ready for the new year.

  13. It is important because they get to see what all you learnd throughout the year and how well your teachers teach you

  14. How well do I think it will test my abilities? How well I think is really good because it will test me on what i learned in fourth some and in fifth more. It will help us remember more so we can get good grades and end up in a really good college. For instance, I have really good grades so I think that i will do good.

  15. I think that it measures my ability somewhat because on some stuff like math. Also, I think that I have a great chance at passing the Test.

  16. I think it is good to measure my abilities. It is a good way to do that because it can tell if you listen in class in goof off. I also think it is not a good way to measure my abilities. I think it is not a good way to do that because that is not all of my abilities. That is what I think about the end of the year test.

  17. Yes, I think this will test my ability because I am very good at testing. I am also good at math and science. The one I am not looking forward to is the writing assignment. It sounds hard, but I’m positive that it will not be hard when I start the test.

  18. I think that the test will challenge me because I still haven’t learned about everything there is to learn. But I will hope for the best!

  19. I think end of the year testing is great. If you stay positive then you can get through the end of year testing. Always have a goodnight sleep and then in the morning you will be wide awake and not fall asleep during the test. You will do great during the end of the year testing if u stay positive and get a goodnight sleep.

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