Why Blogging?

Many are wondering why an elementary school would be involved with blogging. With all the changes in testing and computers I was looking for a way to support classroom teachers and their endeavor to prepare students.  The obvious support of  technology teachers is to teach touch-keyboarding abilities with confidence.  However, this is not the only hurdle to overcome.

One portion of the new testing is developing the ability to compose directly to the computer.  In the past students were asked to create a written response to a prompt.  Now the paper and pencil has been removed and the keyboard is in its place which students have had less experience using it as a means of communication.

By adding a blog to their curriculum in the area of technology, the hope is that composing directly in response to a prompt created to measure student’s ability to use written language through this platform. It has the potential to improve their keyboarding and communicationIn skills as well as their confidence with the computer format.  In other words- from their brain to the keyboard or